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    I look at the world through the lens of lingering childhood innocence. The persistence of this daydream has become my sanctuary for rejuvenation. Naïve musings poke through rationality as a game reminiscent of hide-and-seek. I ground this whimsy with disciplined technique, seeking an energy that obscures the edge between imagination and reality.

    Both mature and adolescent, my paintings develop playful permutations of memory. Thoughts are derived from formulaic conception. Perfected geometries pave into paper-like foliage to blueprint this augmented dimension. The construct of recollection soon enough is overgrown by specimens of curiosity. They sprout and swell and burst beyond the paper as bouquets of arbitrary color. Figures that were once bare are now camouflaged; they peer through the dense vegetation as if they are animals. It is the way of nature to return to innate behavior and embrace the virtues we have forgotten; it is the genius of nostalgia. Botanicals are as one with figures, redefining identity and experience. I am the leaf, meandering through the shadows of the undergrowth to establish my niche in the light. It is the interdependence and collective aspirations of the creatures that brings the Garden into being.

Intrinsic detail 1
Intrinsic detail 2
Intrinsic detail 3
Intrinsic detail 4
I Found Myself In The Garden
I Found Myself In The Garden
I Found Myself In The Garden
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